A single bot that can do everything.

Delegate Processes

If it can be turned into a set of instructions, we can build a Process to do it for you; You will never have to do it again.

Draft to Keats
Invoice Payment Process

Hey Keats, can you pay my invoices?

They’re on SVBank.com. Just log in using my credentials, upload receipts, and hit submit.


Automate Operations

Delegate processes to automate operations. Watch Keats operate for Francis.

Automate Coordination

Delegate processes to automate coordination. Watch Keats coordinate for Francis.

Francis San Francisco

Keats, hire me a CMO.10:30 AM

Leo is Keats São Paulo

Sure, what experience do they need?10:31 AM

Francis shares details in an UberConference call and Leo writes a job description.
Kamron is Keats London

Here's the job description, could you find me some candidates?11:40 AM

Third Party Recruiter San Francisco

Corey Brier seems to fit this description.11:42 AM

Kamron is Keats London

He fits Francis' requirements. Let's bring him in!11:42 AM

One day later
Rodrigo is Keats Lisbon

Hello, Corey! I would like to schedule you for an interview with Francis.1:00 PM

Corey San Francisco

I'm open next week Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning...1:01 PM

Rodrigo finds a time that works for Francis and creates a calendar event.
One week later:
Francis San Francisco

Corey is great! Let's hire him.2:30 PM

Gunar is Keats Rome

Great, I'll send him the contract!2:31 PM

Gunar creates the contract and sends on HelloSign.
Corey San Francisco

I'm having some doubts with section 3 of the contract...4:21 PM

Gunar is Keats Rome

How can I help you?4:23 PM

Gunar answers Corey's questions and he signs.
Francis San Francisco

Welcome Corey!2:30 PM

Corey San Francisco

Hi Francis, great to join!4:21 PM

Better, Faster, Cheaper

We never stop upgrading and networking processes together.
That's why we're better, faster and cheaper.

Automate everything

At this price, you should automate everything.

$10 per proc. per month
+$15 per hour
  • Scale Discounts:
  • Over 100 hours: $12.5 per hour.
  • Over 1000 hours: $10 per hour.