Invisible Technologies

We do your work for you, so you can do your real work.

Delegate Your Work

Every company spends time doing ‘work’ that distracts them from their real work.

Your ‘work’ is anything that can be turned into a set of instructions.
Your real work is anything that cannot be turned into a set of instructions.

If it can be turned into a set of instructions, we can build a Process to do it for you;
You will never have to do it again.

A Single Touch Point For Unlimited Specialization

The biggest problem is the world is solutions.

We live in a hyper-specialized economy,
where there's an app or a vendor for everything.

So why isn't everything perfect yet?

Solutions have costs.
They must be discovered, purchased, integrated, organized, maintained, upgraded and coordinated.

Invisible provides a "system of systems”; a single touch point for you to interface with.
Delegate and manage any process in your life through us.
Eventually, we become your digital brain.

How to Delegate

Delegate With A Description

If your process is simple enough,
You can delegate with a simple text description.

Here is an example of delegation with a description:

Draft to John Keats
Invoice Payment Process

Hey Keats, can you pay my invoices?

They’re on Just log in using my credentials, upload receipts, and hit submit.


Delegate With A Recording

If your process is more complex,
You can send us a screen recording.

Record easily for free using Quicktime or Cloudapp.
Here is an example of delegation with a recording:

Draft to John Keats
Invoice Payment Process

Hey Keats, can you pay my invoices?

Here’s how I do it:

Delegate With A Designer

If your process is very complex,
You can set up a meeting with one of our process designers.
Screen share with them and show us the problem.
We will build a process, and handle decision trees, conditionals, loops and other business logic.

Digital Assembly Lines

The most important technology in the 20th century was not the computer.
It was the assembly-line.

During WW2, Ford built a B-52 Bomber every 28 minutes.

We are building the digital assembly lines of the 21st century.
Humans do the work, but technology coordinates the humans.

Software solutions are efficient but only solve one problem.
Human solutions are not efficient but can solve many problems.
Synthetic solutions – processes run by humans coordinated by software – are both efficient and flexible.

Process Upgrades Forever

When you delegate to us, we turn your requests into Processes.
We execute them for you, yes, but we also upgrade the Process.
Until they’re 100% efficient, abstracted, and machine-readable.

Watch the evolution of the Paying Invoices Process:


Take back your workweek

The average knowledge worker spends 41% of their time on tasks that could be handled better by others.
Ask your team — how much time do they spend on process-based ‘work’ each week?

ROI is easy to track

As long as we know how long it currently takes you to do a process,
and we know how valuable your time is,
then we know how much money a system is saving you every month.

  • 4 processes
  • Unlimited instances
  • Monthly contract
  • Pay $250 per process
  • 10 processes
  • Unlimited instances
  • Quarterly contract
  • Pay $200 per process
  • 30 processes
  • Unlimited instances
  • Quarterly contract
  • Pay $167 per process
  • 100 processes
  • Unlimited instances
  • Annually contract
  • Pay $100 per process


What are some examples of Processes?

Meetings Processes
Create slides for all hands meetings.
Coordinate with team leaders weekly.
Add research to slides.
Fundraising Processes
Sync Fundraising Funnel with Calendar, Contacts and Inbox.
Calendar Processes
Manage Calendar to match daily reality – sync with Contacts and Inbox.
Admin Processes
Compile Expense Reports monthly.
Gather receipts and submit.
Check that reimbursements come through.
Travel Processes
Book all personal and business travel –
Including activities, flights, hotels, rental cars, and trip itineraries.
Events Processes
Organize exclusive dinners.
Propose and track RSVPs.
Manage caterers.
Handle follow up.
Lifestyle Processes
Manage all personal house expenses, including cellular data, water deliveries, haircuts, etc.
Inbox Processes
Bring client to Inbox Zero three times a week by labeling, archiving, picking up dropped threads, and drafting responses based on Outbox.
Contacts Processes
Send mail merge newsletters to personal network to announce product launches and updates.
Hiring Processes
Manage Hiring Funnel:
Vet recruiter candidates,
Schedule phone screens and onsites,
Track in Lever.

How many Processes will I need to solve my problem?

When we design a Process, we find a natural start and end point.
To solve your problem may require more than one Process.

Recently, a client asked us to help them pay invoices.
That required two discrete Processes:
“Paying Via Wire Transfer” and “Logging Credit Card Payments”.

To help another client with email, we built these Processes:
“Achieving Inbox Zero” to label and archive all the emails in their inbox,
“Drafting Responses” for all the email threads we have the context to respond to,
“Managing Outbox” to follow up on all threads that haven’t been responded to.

What should I delegate?

Here are some questions to help you identify delegatable work:

How do you handle confidential data?

Chances are, certain steps in your confidential processes don’t require clearance – we can complete those steps and those alone.

We have a three pronged approach to security:

  1. We obscure passwords using LastPass’s enterprise grade password sharing software
  2. We follow the Principle Of Least Privilege - human agents only see as much as they need to to execute, and no more.
  3. All our agents are trained to work with us and operate under NDAs.

How does Pricing work?

Is my work too complicated to delegate?

You can't delegate creativity.
You can't delegate strategic thinking and problem solving.
You can't delegate relationship building.

But you can always delegate the Process.
Even if the Process is complex.

A complex Process might have a decision tree with multiple touch points and lengthy instructions.
Right now, you are carrying around this complexity in your head – and it is stressing you out.
But if you give it to us, we can run the Process for you.

That way, you're only involved when your input is necessary.
And your Team Members are only involved when their input is necessary.

Take relationship building, for example.
We can't do meetings and calls for you.
We can't write the final draft of your emails for you.

But we can organize your contacts.
And we can draft emails for you.

Just think about how much work is necessary before the real work begins!

What won't you do?

So far,

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